Science says that just one hour of exercise a week could reduce depression


As we all know that little amount of exercise like regular stroll outside can boost our mental and physical health.

Study published in The American Journal Of Psychiatry, delivered a surprisingly good news. Researchers revealed that even one hour a week of any type of exercise can prevent depression in the future.

Researchers said that " we’ve known for some time that exercise has a role to play in treating symptoms of depression, but this is the first time we have been able to quantify the preventative potential of physical activity in the terms of reducing future levels of depression."

Using a sample of 33,908 healthy adults, researchers revealed that people who did not exercise at all had a 44 percent larger chance of developing depression in comparison to those exercised at least our hour per week.

Study suggests that 12% of future cases of depression could have been prevented if all participants had engaged in at least 1 hour of physical activity each week.


Yup, doing exercise on a daily basis is really helpful for our body. I daily exercise 1hour but I never thought that only 1 hour in a week can prevent depression.
Ohh, there are also more diseases that can’t be prevented by only 1 hour of exercise a week.
We have to work on our body on daily basis not on weekly basis. Yoga, running and mediation are the best option of reducing diseases.
It’s my opinion


I haven’t read the details of this study. However, when one sees a correlation between two thing, such as exercising once per week and depression, it very important to think about which of the things is causal. That is, which thing is causing the other thing. One formulation is that exercising once per week causes a reduction in the likelihood of being depressed. However, one could also conclude that people who are likely to be depressed don’t like to exercise even once per week.

When one sees these kinds of associations it is very tempting to assume that the thing we can do (exercising once per week) is causing the thing we can’t do (decrease our chances of being depressed).

The evidence that exercise can help with depression is good but the study cited above does not prove it.